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o21. Park Benches Yesung/Kyuhyun

Title: Park Benches
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13 Mentions of sex
Genre: Angst
For the ‘100 Super Junior Fics Challenge’
Fiction 3/100

Yesung always loved to go outdoors and just watch the world pass by. He’d sit on a bench and just gaze. Watching the various peoples walk by holding hands with those they loved. Children playing tag, chasing each other, hiding behind trees and bushes trying to contain their giggles not wanting to be found.

But after that Yesung couldn’t look at the world the same again. Everything was upside down, black was white, the middle grey area out of his reach. After the accident life was just different. It was more changing than it would have been if they’d just been friends. He couldn’t really remember where he’d been or what he’d been doing, but all he couldn’t recall was the pale face unconscious in that hospital bed. When he did awake, those deep brown eyes didn’t hold the same light they use to.

When Kyuhyun was finally released from the hospital months after, Yesung couldn’t have been happier. But he couldn’t care for his lover like he’d wanted to. He had an album to be apart of, and eventually Kyuhyun could preform with the others, just not at full capacity. Kyuhyun always smiled, every one could tell that he was glad to be back and be with the group again. But Yesung could tell there was something different about him. A fear behind those eyes that once would look up at him while they made love and shine with life and hope. But now they held little light and were docile.

Sitting in his favorite bench, Yesung looks at the world pass by. But today is different, Kyuhyun was there gazing at the people passing by before Yesung. There they sit side by side, fingers interlaced and Kyuhyun’s head on Yesung’s shoulder.

Accidents happen, scars appear, but through love it all heals...

Tags: 100 super junior fics challenge

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