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So Keep Your Love Lockdown
o85. Ache, Shindong/Donghae 
3rd-Jul-2008 09:54 pm
Fierce Taec
Title: Ache
Pairing: Shindong/Donghae
Rating: R
Genre: Implied Sex, Angst
For the ‘100 Super Junior Fics Challenge’
Fiction 022/100

It was a dull pang in his chest. A slight twinge when he would just walk by him without saying a word.

They weren’t specifically close, but not a whole lot of awkward space between them. But when Shindong would pass by, almost ghosting past- it made him hurt.

He remembers that day so clearly and vividly sometimes he can still feel Shindong’s large hands around himself. Pulling and jerking trying to make Donghae’s essence spill.

Getting to know one another so intimately in a radio station bathroom wasn’t something that Donghae was proud of. But for those brief moments of pleasure, he could have been anywhere and not really cared.

All that mattered for a short time: Shindong was his. And his alone.

Thrusting back into the larger man, Donghae imagined him saying those tempting words. But he never did. And he himself had to hold back and bite his tongue not only to keep quiet, but to suppress the urge to literally and figuratively spill his feelings on the floor.

With the tightening of his grip on Donghae’s hips, Shindong grunted and finished. Both satisfied, Donghae was still in the assumed position spent and trying to catch his breath. And before he could even speak he heard the zipping of pants and the unlocking and closing of the stall door.

Sliding down to the floor, fingers scratching into the painted wall Donghae silently cried as he heard the rushing water of the sink. And the closing of the bathroom door.

Just as sudden as the pleasure in his body, Donghae felt that twinge in his chest; and he knew this ache would last much longer than the pleasure ever did.

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4th-Jul-2008 05:51 am (UTC)
Yeah, I find it hard to believe that Shindong would ever do that, but I guess that's what makes this a story right?

Thanks for reading! <3
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4th-Jul-2008 09:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much
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